Haimac Concept:Customer Prior,Pursuing Perfect Haimac Spirit:Honesty,Persistence,Innovation
Haimac Action:Rapid,Accurate,Preciseness Haimac Target:Help you achieve world-class products

        Sincere cooperation for "Best Practices"
        Haimac Mold&Products Co. believes in sincere customer/supplier partnerships. We are ready to share with you experience in whole project such as part design,mold design, tooling build, parts molding, assembly and delivery.
        "Best Practices" is our service guideline, to get which we always consult with my customers while organizing an innovative team to work on it.
At competitive price in time, we supply you products and molds of superior quality 
        We are particular to details in order to improve the quality of products and molds, optimize our internal management and widely cooperate with you to reduce the price of the products&molds and meet the lead time as required. 
        Mutual benefit
        In today's comparative marketplace, we take it for granted that we can succeed only if you have succeeded. So we serve your benefit first and then benefit from it.
       We are aimed at a solid, strategic partnership with you, which will definitely facilitate our services for you.