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Metal Fabrication

        Haimac Mold&Products Co. owns one metal stamping plant.
Our products covers fittings for domestic appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators of different series, copper based fittings, fittings for mechanic products, fitting for feeding equipment and railway cars. It is also one of the major and long term suppliers of national famous home appliance manufacturer such as Mitsubishi (Qingdao) Heavy Industry, Haier and Hisense Group. 
        Since it enjoys the import and export license, its products and fittings have been exported batch by batch to Japan, European and American countries and regions. The product quality has won the universal praise from the clients.
        The plant has passed ISO9001:2000 certified. International usual practice is strictly followed in respect of quality control. Product quality management system is established according to international quality management system standard. From the incoming inspection to process step inspection, to final inspection, PDCA management cycle system is instituted in the company. And on this basis the quality feedback and monitoring channels are strengthened to improve the quality management level. And one good quality management system has been shaped in the company.
        Abundant financial resource, superior machining equipment, perfect quality management system and high skilled employee team ensure strongly the high quality and on-time delivery of the products.
        Haimac is willing to develop with you, expand with you, and draw a beautiful blueprint together.
        Main equipment in the plant list as below:
        2 sets of MQP-30 numerically controlled press machine, 
        1 set of JIUMC400 FANUC OI-MB, 
        10 sets of high precision numerically lathes, 
        1 set of all-purpose tool grinding machine, 
        2 set of linear cutting machine, 
        1 set of facing machine, 
        1 set of 315 ton hydrostatic press, 
        1 set of 500 ton hydrostatic press, 
        5 sets of electric welding machines, 
        24 sets of stamping press machines, from one tone to 160tons. 
        10sets of auto lathes, 
        22 sets of instrument lathe, 
        5 sets of plate-cutting machine, 
        1 set of band saw machine, 
        1 set of grinding machine. 
        1 set of grinding machine, 
        1 set of equal sonic cutting machine, 
        3 sets of are striking welding machine, 
        1 set of riveting machine,

        Every procedure is designed by our "Technology and Costing Team" with the involvement of the engineers of the customers, and every procedure is review by us as well as our customer to ensure it is the "Best Practices". 
        The whole shop is committed to providing you with products and molds of superior quality in time.