Haimac Concept:Customer Prior,Pursuing Perfect Haimac Spirit:Honesty,Persistence,Innovation
Haimac Action:Rapid,Accurate,Preciseness Haimac Target:Help you achieve world-class products

        At Haimac Mold&Products Co., we spend many efforts to improve our services while deeply learning the market. We have established a unique structure named "Technology and Costing Teams", adopt the effective "design for manufacturability" solution and keep constructive communication with you. 

        Technology and Costing Teams
        Haimac Mold&Products Co. utilizes a special organizational structure called "Technology and Costing Teams". Each team is composed of representatives form relevant department of the company. And a manager is designated to coordinate the activities of the team, where Part designer,Mold Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers work as a unit. 
        This structure allows the same personnel to work through the whole project processes including design and engineering, quotation and setting up supplier managed inventory programs etc. As a result, personnel concerned can always know the progress of the project and discuss anything conveniently if necessary, so the products and molds can be produced more effectively and efficiently.

        Design for Manufacturability 
        "Design for manufacturability" solution is a proven, effective method to maximize efficiency while lowering cost. By this way, we make our engineers available for advice from very early stage to look for the "Best Practices", which is economical, effective and efficient. And then we will discuss with customers to choose materials at reasonable prices under the foundation that all these materials are up to the demand. In this way, we manage to lower the acquisition cost caused by procurement as well as the cost caused by produce processes.

        Constructive communication
        Our "Technology and Costing Team" also offers the customer a good interface of communication through the whole process. Each program is managed by the same team, so the customer can always get someone and the same one available to communicate with. As a result, you can get involved into every stage, while we are always available to listen to your advice and respond to it accordingly.