Haimac Concept:Customer Prior,Pursuing Perfect Haimac Spirit:Honesty,Persistence,Innovation
Haimac Action:Rapid,Accurate,Preciseness Haimac Target:Help you achieve world-class products
Equipment List
Mold Building Equipments
    5 sets of CNC machining Center
    1 set of Boring machine 
    8 sets of Mill Machine
    2 set of  Lathe
    2 sets of  Saw Machine
    1 whole set of  Casting facility
    2 set of Drill Machine 
    2 sets of Fast Wire EDM 
    2 sets of Precision Surface Grinding Machine
    1 set of  Precision Wire Cutting EDM
    4 sets of EDM machine

Stamping Fabrication Equipments
    2 sets of MQP-30 numerically controlled press machine, 
    1 set of JIUMC400 FANUC OI-MB, 
    10 sets of high precision numerically lathes,
    1 set of all-purpose tool grinding machine,
    2 set of linear cutting machine, 
    1 set of facing machine, 
    1 set of 315 ton hydrostatic press, 
    1 set of 500 ton hydrostatic press,
    5 sets of electric welding machines,
    24 sets of stamping press machines, from one tone to 160tons. 
    10sets of auto lathes,
    22 sets of instrument lathe, 
    5 sets of plate-cutting machine, 
    1 set of band saw machine, 
    3 set of grinding machine. 
    1 set of Surface Grinding Machine
    1 set of equal sonic cutting machine, 
    3 sets of are striking welding machine, 
    1 set of riveting machine,
    2 set of 63T bending machine. 
    3 sets of carbon-dioxide arc welding machines.

Molding Facility Equipments(Injection Press)
    6 sets of 80T-120T 
    6 sets of 150T-250T 
    5 sets of 320T-450T
    3 sets of 550T-650T
    2 sets of 650T-750T